Sunflex SF65 Parallel - Timber Sliding Doors

The SF65 Parallel Sliding system has a unique design in that it operates with the use of a single (monorail) track. The movable panel tilts inwards for ventilation and then projects itself parallel out of the track and slides behind the fixed panel. This means there is no exposed track when the doors are closed. The Parallel Sliding system is available in 2, 3 or 4 panels, in either timber or thermally broken aluminium and is for all external applications.

The main benefit provided by this system is that, in a closed position, there is no visible track threshold as with normal twin track sliding doors. You can even incorporate a tilt and turn window within one of the fixed panels, providing the luxury of a single access door for added convenience. The system is also available in thermally broken aluminium (SF70).

  • Laminated timber
  • Unique tilting position with tilt and turn window option available
  • Energy efficient - compliant with Building Regulations and severe weather rated
  • Full compliment of windows and roofs to suit
  • Wide range of finishes and opening variations
  • High security, low maintenance and fully guaranteed

The natural character of wood is perfectly preserved using water based Sikkens micro-porous wood stains (i.e. they contain no harmful solvents) in a selection of stain colours. Alternatively the timber can be paint finished to any RAL colour (over 200 RAL colours available). The SF65 can also be finished with a dual colour, for example a wood stain finish internally and RAL paint finish externally. All Sunflex timber door systems are supplied fully finished. The standard factory finish consists of one basecoat and two topcoats with other finishes are available upon request. Each section of timber is individually dip treated, ensuring equal coverage over all surfaces, protecting the timber against rotting and water penetration. The pigmentation in the treatment protects the timber against discoloration and ultra violet rays.

The handles are specially designed to complement the door system; standard colours are Brown, Black RAL 9011 or White RAL 9016. None standard Stainless steel feature handles are also available. Minimal cushion finger safe gaskets are available in Brown, Black or White, with hinges mounted within seal sightline available in Brown, Black RAL 9011 or White RAL 9016. The hinges and handles can also be supplied to match the special RAL of your choice. Download the finishes page for more information.

The system types available are primarily based on the award winning concepts to that of the folding door range. The Sunflex SF65 profile is strengthened and stabilised by a process of lamination. This is where the timber has been separated into three solid timber sections, these are bonded back together with opposing grains, achieving greater durability and is less susceptible to movement. The resulting strength of this process combined with the fibrous make up of timber ensures minimal framework and a lifetime of continued usage and reliability, in addition to the timbers superior thermal qualities.

The timber sliding patio door system is available as single track to multiple tracks and panels. Available with a standard weather track or depending on the type of external floor finish a flush track can be recessed into the ground to provide a level threshold. This provides a level walkthrough with an uninterrupted floor finish, compliant to Doc. M of the Building Regulations for disabled access.

In any exposed location we always recommend the use of a weathered track which can be fully recessed below your internal floor level meaning that there is no threshold to step over, just a step down to the outside. An external deck or paving can be brought up to the track on the outside giving a very minimal step down whilst maintaining a weather tight seal.

The PST system provides a high level of security as standard. All moveable panels are locked into position by an internal, key-lockable handle that operates a concealed, multi-point locking system to all four of the surrounding sides; this meets the requirements of the Association of British Insurers. This unique design of the single (monorail) track and operating system ensures that it is impossible to lever the panels out of the running track. In addition all glazing is to the inside only.

The PST is a severe weather rated system with continuous triple gaskets to the outer, middle and inner edges surrounding the perimeter of each panel. It achieves DIN 18055, Category C performance for wind loading and water leakage.

Both systems can also be used to manufacture single doors, French doors, tilt and turn windows and fixed glazed screens. Sunflex uses matching profile sections for these products to achieve an aesthetically uniform appearance throughout.

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