Sunflex SV99/155 - Aluminium Sliding Doors

The Sunflex SVG99/155 is designed as a heavy duty thermally broken aluminium sliding door system with extensive design possibilities. A main characteristic of this system is the ability to open up extra large areas of space, maximising glass area and minimising framework.

The SVG99/155 system is designed with elegance and a contemporary feel in mind, despite its robust construction and heavy duty feel. With such a well engineered and proven system you can be rest assured that the SVG99/155 can deal with the most demanding applications. A sliding system which will give you complete confidence of the highest level of security, severe weather rating and effortless, smooth operation. It is hard to believe that the SVG99/155 sliding system is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

  • Extreme size capabilities – Up to 2.5 x 2.8m/panel
  • Energy efficient - compliant with Building Regulations
  • Double or triple track options
  • Flush track capability
  • Full range of finishes, over 200 available
  • High security, low maintenance and fully guaranteed
  • Sever weather rated

The system is available as standard in silver anodised or alternatively powder coated to white, grey aluminium RAL 9007 or Anthracite grey RAL 7016. For a nominal fee your system the systems can be powder coated to any stocked RAL colour (over 200 available). In addition you can specify full gloss, semi gloss, matt or even dual colour to inside and outside. Door furniture comes in standard satin silver or white with the option to have RAL matched handle if required. A range of stainless steel architectural ironmongery is also available to allow further customisation. A marine environment paint finish is required to all systems within 5000m of the shoreline. A chemical environment paint finish is also available for swimming pool enclosures.

The SVG99/155 sliding system is manufactured from an aluminium extrusion which has been thermally broken by a polyamide bar to give excellent thermal properties. In a situation where there is a need for an extra tall panel a reinforcing bar can be added internally and externally to prevent deflection. The system is designed with a contemporary feel in mind and boasts an elegant square edge (WE) profile.

The SVG99/155 is available as a twin (99mm front to back) or triple track (155mm front to back). The twin or triple track allows multiple configurations with 1 to 6 panels and plant on panels. Whatever the opening variation the track incorporates drainage channels and depending on the type of external floors finish can be recessed into the ground to give a virtually level threshold.

As you would expect from a high performance system, high security comes as standard. An anti lifting device preventing the removal of individual panels is just one of the extra steps taken to improve security. With a full, thermally broken aluminium reinforced interlock between panels it is impossible to lever them apart. The SVG99/155 incorporates a 5 point multi locking mechanism and 5 lever euro profile cylinder as standard. In addition the system is internal glazed for further security. Overall providing a system that exceeds the requirements of the association of British insurers.

The SVG99/155 is a severe weather rated system, Category C BS 6375 Part 1. Each panel is fully rebated with concealed double polypropylene brush strips with a centre fin seal surrounding the entire perimeter of each panel.

The operating system consists of a double tandem stainless steel bottom running carriage, coated with a glass reinforced polyamide. Where extra large panels are required or weights in excess of 250kg, extra carriages are added. These act like a cars suspension, running on a stainless steel guide rail. A hardwearing cover plate prevents the track from damage. Extra large panels incorporate vertical strengthening profiles which double up as a pull rail. This heavy duty system guarantees smooth, effortless operation with long life and reliable performance.

Customised - designs can be customised according to your preference - the options includes mid-rails, mullions, deeper top and bottom profiles and solid in-fill panels, among many others.

A slimmer version of the SVG99/155 can be manufactured as single access doors, French doors, tilt & turn windows and fixed glazed screens. Thus using a similar profile section it is possible for us to achieve uniform appearance throughout.

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