Sunflex SF20 - All Glass Sliding Doors

The Sunflex SF20 all glass sliding system is completely frameless with no visible sightlines. Specifically designed to give uninterrupted clear views when open or closed it provides excellent operating performance and noise reduction. The SF20 is ideally suited as an internal room divider, for example between living room and conservatory. It is also widely used for balconies, patios, terraces, winter gardens and picnic areas. This versatile system can also be used in a commercial environment.

  • Minimal design with no visible sightlines
  • Energy saving
  • Offers weather protection
  • Automatic opening/closing of slave panels
  • Bottom running system
  • Versatile in design and configurations
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully guaranteed

The track, bottom rail and top rail as standard are finished to silver anodised or polyester powder coated to a semi gloss finish white RAL 9016, silver RAL 9006, grey aluminium 9007 or anthracite grey RAL 7016. Alternatively you can customise your system with over 200 other available RAL colours and further specify a gloss, semi gloss or matt finish.

Each of the glass sliding panels has been mechanically clamped with a slender bottom aluminium rail. As the sliding panels are operated each panel is automatically opened and closed by integrated followers for ease of function.

When in the closed position each panel overlaps the adjacent panel by 23mm, providing permanent whilst also benefitting noise reduction. If used externally further noise reduction can be achieved by adding vertical profiles which incorporate brush seals.

A stepped floor track is available as standard with an anti slip coating or a flush track option can be reassessed into the floor to provide a virtually unobstructed living space.

The bottom running system ensures feather light operation of the sliding panels. Concealed ball bearing running mechanisms within the bottom rail limits exposure to dirt and debris whilst also providing quiet operation. As all weight is transferred to the floor track, wide expanses can be opened without the need of structural support.

The head track offers 20mm of tolerance with a further 5mm adjustment at the bottom rollers. This ensures any inconsistencies within structural variations are easily dealt with.

The Sunflex SF20 system can be complimented by most of our other systems enabling complete solutions for any project. From top swing windows to folding sliding doors.

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