Timber Vs PVCu

The production of PVCu windows and doors leads to the release of highly poisonous chemicals which threaten the environment and human health. PVCu production involves no less than six of the most hazardous chemicals listed by European governments for priority elimination. Timber is a sustainable resource. As long as the timber is sourced from managed forests and care is taken in choice of preservatives, paints and stains, timber windows are by far the best environmental choice. Aluminium windows closely follow as a recyclable bi-product.

Developments in timber door and window design and finishing means that Park farm Designs high performance products need minimal maintenance and have a much longer life than PVCu alternatives. PVCu windows do degrade, they are not maintenance free and worst of all they can not be repaired or recycled. High performance doors and windows need not cost more than the UPVc alternatives. When compared with the long lasting thermal efficiency and life expectancy of a timber alternative UPVc products fall well short in cost effectiveness.

What is a U-value?

In simple terms a U-value is a number which calculates just how good at thermally insulating a door or window is. The lower the U-value the more thermally efficient the product will be. U-values are expressed in units of W/m2 K, this means that for every degree different between two items (K) then the expressed value is how much energy (W) is transferred per meter squared. Our products are classified high performance because of their typically Scandinavian method of construction, resulting in excellent u-values.

Are your products eco-friendly?

Park Farm Design focuses on a range of products where efficiency and eco friendliness are prioritised. All timber used is sourced from sustainable forests and our products are manufactured in some of the most eco friendly factories across the world. We are recognised for providing an industry leading product range which excels on eco efficient credentials.

How do I measure for doors and windows?

Measuring for your doors is actually quite simple and because all of our products are bespoke we can manufacture to any given dimensions. When measuring for your doors and windows you must take in to account a fitting tolerance. We recommend between 6mm and 10mm per side. Alternatively Park Farm Design do offer a site survey service.

What type of glazing do I need?

All our products are supplied with high performance glazing. At the very least these are supplied toughened with an argon cavity and soft coat low E coating. In most cases this will conform to building regulations. We are able to offer many additional glass specifications such as laminated, obscure, solar control and sound control. If you are unsure what specification suits your requirements please call us to discuss.

Is condensation normal?

Condensation can occur internally, externally or within the glazing unit itself. Condensation on the outside is a good sign that the window is insulating to a high level. If condensation occurs on the inside then the humidity within that particular room is too high and the room will need ventilating. If condensation ever occurs within the glazing unit itself then the unit is most probably broken and will need replacing.

Do I need trickle vents?

Trickle vents are a practical way of ventilating a building or room. They are required by building regulations in all new builds and some renovation projects. In some cases trickle vents are not required, such as replacement windows but please double check with us at the time of enquiry.

What about paint finishes?

As standard our products are supplied factory finished to a RAL paint colour and/or wood stain. Each range of products has a variety of standard colour finishes which are inclusive within the standard price. Ultimately there is over 250 colours to choose from.

How can I pay for my products?

At the time of order we ask for a minimum of 30% deposit, full payment of your order is then required prior to delivery. Payment via BACS transfer is the preferred method as this is the fastest and most secure transaction. Alternatively we do accept cheques. As of March 2012 we no longer accept payment via credit card due to the high transaction charges which increased costs for our customers significantly.

How long is delivery?

Generally our product range is designed, manufactured and delivered in between 5 and 11 weeks, depending on product and specification. All products are delivered direct from our Scandinavian and German factories by dedicated freight services. Your goods are fully insured during transport to site.

Can I delay may order?

Park Farm Design will always endeavour to help wherever possible. Where site programs are affected we can store your products, however storage charges may be incurred.

Who will fit my doors and windows?

Park Farm Design is one of few if not the only importer of high performance doors and windows to offer a supply and fit package. Whilst it is not compulsory that installation is carried out via our own installers it does offer major advantages. Be careful of companies offering “approved installer” fitting.

Park Farm Design carries an excellent reputation for our attention to customer service. If you have any unanswered questions please call us on 01522 869 679 and we will be happy to clarify.

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