Glass Facts

Insulated Glazed Units!

As standard all of our products are supplied with high performance insulated units, i.e. two or three glass panes joined together with an insulated glazing cavity bar. The unit is then filled with argon gas and soft coat Low E is also added for increased efficiency. We can further improve u-values if required to give even higher insulating ability and thus saving energy.

Privacy Glass!

Privacy glass is most commonly used in bathrooms however in some circumstances the need may be larger. Excellent for still allowing light in but providing increased privacy and security, it has many uses. Obscure or sometimes referred to as sandblasted privacy glazing is the standard but we are able to offer many types and patterns to suit your requirements.

Solar Control Glass!

Ample glass in sunny or exposed locations can quickly cause discomfort, cause difficulties and even bleach furnishings. Choosing a window with solar heat reduction glass can be a good idea. We can offer solar control glass that lets in almost as much light as regular glazing but blocks out up to two-thirds of the total solar heat. This reduces the need for cooling systems and provides a more comfortable climate.

Self Cleaning Glass!

Self-cleaning glass glass makes window cleaning much easier. The special surface of the glass dissolves the dirt by sunlight. When it rains, the dirt just slides off. Sun- and rain exposed window locations might mean that you need not clean at all. For more protected window locations the glass may need to be hosed down with a hose occasionally.

Safety/Security Glass!

Safety glass and security glass is something is likely to be specified by building regulations and we are able to cater for all specification requirements. Toughened and laminated glass can be supplied in many thicknesses to ensure safety and protection on all sliding doors, folding sliding doors, windows and entrance doors.

Acoustic Glass!

As standard all of our products are supplied with high performance insulated units, i.e. two or Acoustic glazing or sometimes referred to as noise reduction glass is also available on all our systems. This option can be specified by building control or it may also be a personal preference if you live in an urban area or simply wish to improve performance.

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