Park Farm Design - Glass Balustrades

Park Farm Design supply and install a range of frameless glass balustrade suitable for both domestic and commercial projects. Our elegant and seamless all glass system is the perfect solution for uninterrupted panoramic views, whilst adding functionality and safety to internal and external balconies. Our channel system removes the need for structural posts, glass to glass clamps and handrails to give the appearance of glass rising from the floor. The flexibility of our glass balustrade allows for a multitude of uses in both new build and renovation.

  • Frameless design with no visual breaks
  • Top/face channel and face fixed systems
  • Choice of handrails including stainless steel and timber
  • Ideal for safety perimeters around pools, balconies and staircases
  • Marine grade materials
  • Wide choice of glass specificationss

Our range of glass balustrade offers a seamless and elegant design solution, negating the need for brackets and structural posts. With no discernible visual joints we are able to continue with our efforts to provide the cleanest and most minimal systems available in today’s market. This contemporary glazing solution is ideal for both domestic and commercial projects.

Like our entire product range the glass balustrade system is entirely bespoke and manufactured to suit your project and specification. Straight runs, complete balcony surrounds and even faceted and corner designs are all possibilities to ensure your balustrade follows the line of a curve for that all important panoramic view.

Our glass balustrade is suitable for both internal and external environments. Whether you are planning a balcony, internal glazing, swimming pool enclosure or a roof top terrace the applications are limitless. Our variety of glazing specifications allows us to meet building regulations and ensure safety in all areas.

On the channel system the solid aluminium shoe is suitable for fixing into steel or concrete and can be either surface mounted or fully recessed flush into the floor for a more seamless appearance. Our face fixed system is supplied with stainless steel stand offs and caps to ensure no visible fixings. When surface mounted the aluminium shoe is clad in stainless steel to protect the base channel and give an elegant finish.

The glass is supported via a solid aluminium channel which can be base or face mounted. Fixing holes will be factory drilled depending on your system requirements. The glass is held into the channel via a bespoke wedge system removing the need for any glass to glass fixings or clamps and providing strength and safety. Please contact us for standard fixing details.

Our systems are supplied with toughened or toughened and laminated glass in order to conform to building regulations. Various thicknesses of glass including 12mm, 15mm, 17.5mm, 19.5mm and 21mm can be specified with polished edge, obscurity or patterns. The versatility or the system enables the screen to be used for privacy or to display a company logo. On supply only projects the specialist tool required for fixing the glass can be purchased or hired via Park Farm Design.

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