Alu-wood Folding Sliding Doors

Alu-wood products offer even further qualities and advantages over just the timber or aluminium alternatives. Alu-wood simply incorporates all of the winning credentials and combines them to. give the very best u-values, thermal efficiency, performance, beauty and wow factor

Aluminium is extremely lightweight and strong, which is one main factor when it comes to the width of the frame profile, in addition to its durability and minimal maintenance when compared to other materials. The Sunflex 50c, 55c and SF75c provide all the same benefits as their SF50, SF55 & SF75 donors but with the natural beauty and warmth of a timber frame to the inside. The high performance, longevity and thermal properties of thermally broken aluminium with the refinement of timber to the inside, provides the very best of both worlds…

Alu-wood (composite) systems at a glance

Model Description
Non-thermal aluminium Non-thermal aluminium For all internal and commercial external applications
SF50c Minimal sightlines, suitable for internal or commercial applications 
Thermally broken aluminium with internal timber cladding For all internal and external applications - Compliant to Building Regulations - To combat heat loss and condensation
SF55c Minimal sightlines, (the thinnest in Europe), excellent thermal properties, unrivalled severe weather rated performance, flush or weathered track option
SF75c The most thermally efficient system in the market with overall u-values as low as 1.0W/m2K, narrow sightlines, severe weather rated
System SF50c SF55c SF75c
Profile construction Continuous with internal timber cladding Thermally broken (Polyamide) with internal timber cladding 24mm Thermally broken (Polyamide) with internal timber cladding 44mm
Frames thickness 70mm 75mm 95mm
Panel Profile Square (WE) Square (WE) Square (WE)
Internal Profile Chamfered (Plain)/Feature Groove (moulded) Chamfered (Plain)/Feature Groove (moulded) Chamfered (Plain)/Feature Groove (moulded)
Max panel height 3500mm 3500mm 2800mm
Max panel width 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
Top/Bottom running Bottom/Adjustable Height Bottom/Adjustable Height Bottom/Adjustable Height
Severe weather rating to DIN 18055 Category C 900Pa (Water tightness) Category C 900Pa (Water tightness) Category C 900Pa (Water tightness)
Overall U-Value Double Glazed* NA 1.6 W/m²k 1.4 W/m²k
Overall U-Value Triple Glazed** NA NA 1.0 W/m²k
Glazing thickness Standard/Maximum 28mm 28mm/30mm 48mm
Complimentary doors & windows No No No
*Based upon glass with a centre pane of 1.2 W/m²k
**Based upon glass with a centre pane of 0.7 W/m²k

Laboratory tested

You should only trust systems that have been fully tested and certified. Gaskets that have been tested to provide a weather rating, do not actually mean the system itself has been tested and brush piles on their own are not an effective seal. The Sunflex range of systems together with the individual components have been motion tested in a laboratory controlled environment over 20,000 times. They have been subjected to many vigorous tests including prolonged air pressure and water permeability in order to be certified and carry the CE stamp of approval.

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