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Meet The Team & View The Products

Put the kettle on. Why not let us visit you!

As a company who operates nationwide we are happy to visit clients, architects and developers. Full working samples will be on hand to demonstrate the quality of our products and all aspects of the project can be discussed with no obligation. Site visits can offer major advantages and can be very beneficial to the project.

Why not meet us at our London office? We have a range of samples available and the ability to demonstrate our products and services. 

Visits by appointment only, Mon to Sat, 9am to 5pm. Please call us on 01522 869 679 to arrange.

Under refurbishment - Opening again soon, stay tuned.

Full bifold door range, SVG20/30 & 83 aluminium sliding doors, SAL & SEF aluminium doors, windows, flat roof lights & roof lanterns.

Visits by appointment only, Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm. Please call us on 01522 869 679 to arrange a visit.

We have a growing list of nationwide projects and some of the most helpful customers who are proud to exhibit their products. If for any reason the above options are unsuitable it is always worth checking if we have recently completed a project in your local area. 

Why choose Park Farm Design as your Sunflex distributor

  • With over 15 years of partnership we are one of the longest running Sunflex distributors in the UK.
  • We offer design, supply, delivery and installation services . Leave it all to us.
  • We work on projects Nationwide. Domestic, commercial, big and small.
  • We offer a guarantee of up to 15 years.
  • Product warranties are not affected on "supply only" projects.
  • We provide an inclusive CAD design package as standard and unlimited advice.
  • No obligation quotations and consultations.
  • Over 75% of our business is a result of recommendation or architect specification.

References & Reputation

Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot is a none biased review site committed totally to fair, honest and open feedback of companies. Reviews cannot be published without company order numbers and verified users, reaffirming only genuine company reviews.  We are proud to boast a 100% 5 star customer feedback record. 


Google it! Park Farm Design are pleased to find our customers also leave amazing feedback via Google. Google reviews have become increasingly popular over recent years as a way of finding reputable companies. The ability to now clarify genuine or malicious reviews with Google makes this another trusted way for potential clients to know reviews are genuine.

Direct References

References and recommendation can play a key role when deciding which company can guarantee you the very best of both products and services. Over the years Park Farm Design have successfully supplied and installed to projects of all sizes throughout the UK with excellent results. This is why we are happy to provide references from our very latest projects, to all customers who seek that little extra reassurance.

We highlight the fact that much of our business is through repeat custom, architect specification and recommendation. Park Farm Design is committed to supplying a level of service that is unparalleled and this is what makes us so much more than a door and window supplier.

Architectural Design Service & CAD Drawings

With each and every order we supply an extensive CAD drawing package. Projects of all sizes receive full working drawings including elevations, sections, fixing details and product specification. This inclusive service is invaluable when highlighting potential design hazards and ironing out the finer architectural details.

We are happy to work directly with our customer or alternatively liaise with architects, engineers, contractors and builders in order to move your project forward. All drawings are issued on a comments/approval basis in order to ensure all parties involved are happy, prior to manufacture.

Where necessary our qualified and fully trained CAD technicians will recommend the requirement of structural steel and ancillary items such as sub sills and flashings. All of which will be incorporated into the CAD drawing package and list of specification.

Please call us on 01522 869 679 if you have any queries about our CAD design service or to discuss your project.

Site Survey

There is simply nothing better than our inclusive architectural design service and CAD drawing package for confirming specification, dimensions and details.  However, where required or preferred for total peace of mind we offer site surveys nationwide on projects of all sizes.

Please call us on 01522 869 679 to discuss. 

How do I measure for doors and windows?

Measuring for your doors is actually quite simple and because all of our products are bespoke we can manufacture to any given dimensions. When measuring for your doors and windows you must take in to account a fitting tolerance. We recommend between 6mm and 10mm per side. Remember we provide a comprehensive architectural CAD design package with every order.


Delivery of your order is taken care of by Park Farm Design will generally take between 5 and 8 weeks.

Your products will be delivered directly to your given destination by our professional freight services which provide a full guarantee and insurance during transport. Where multiple product ranges are collated or large orders are placed we can coordinate split deliveries in order to comply with your program. We have access to various vehicles and offloading solutions including mechanical hi-abs & tail lifts.

Manufacturing lead times, site access and special requirements should always be confirmed prior to ordering.

Please call us on 01522 869 679 if you have any queries regarding deliveries or to discuss your project.


Park Farm Design is one of the few suppliers of high performance doors and windows to combine installation services. Whilst installation is not a compulsory part of your order many customers wish to have the reassurance that your products will be installed by trained professionals. 

The installation teams have vast experience and work directly in conjunction with Park Farm Design to give our customers total project satisfaction. We will liaise directly with the installation team from order stage to ensure they are fully aware of project specifications and timetables. A complete set of detailed drawings highlighting window locations, fixing details and any special requirements regarding access and installation will be supplied as standard.

Whilst our conventional windows and doors can be fitted by most skilled joiners and builders we recommend that our folding sliding doors and sliding doors are fitted by our approved installation team wherever possible. Although this is a recommendation many of customers opt to take care of the installation personally. For this reason, all products are supplied with fitting and operating instructions. On top of this our products are supplied fully finished and glazed where possible with locking mechanisms, hinges and handles all factory fitted prior to delivery. This limits many of the potential hazards when installing and also reduces fitting time drastically.

Please call us on 01522 869 679 if you have any queries regarding installation or to discuss your project.

FENSA - Do I Need A Certificate?

There can be a lot of confusion over what FENSA actually is, whether or not it is required and how it is applied to works being carried out in your home.  We often get asked by our customers if we can supply a FENSA certificate when installing our products.

This thread will aim to clear up any confusion and enable those purchasing our products to understand if and when a FENSA certificate is required.

So what is FENSA?

FENSA stands for the ‘Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme’ which has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) as a means to self-certify compliance under Building Regulations without the need for a separate assessment from Building Control.

If your installer is not registered with FENSA any works that include replacing windows, doors and roof lights will require you to get a certificate from Local Authority Building Control instead. Alternatively for a small fee an indemnity insurance policy can be taken out when you decide to sell your home. This is a common route by clients who have installed their windows directly. 

When does FENSA apply?

FENSA certification can only apply if you are replacing an existing window, door or roof light. installation will require certification from Building Control to ensure that any structural changes and thermal performance meet current regulations.

FENSA does not apply to conservatories, porches, commercial premises, new build properties or extensions. In all of these instances you are required to go through the Local Authority Building Control process.


So you do not necessarily need a FENSA certificate an any circumstance.  If the window, door or roof light is a new addition to your property, or the building itself forms part of an extension or is a complete new build, then FENSA "does not" apply and you will require approval from Building Control.

If you are replacing an existing window, door or roof light, you can use a FENSA approved installer or alternatively apply for full Local Authority Building Control approval.

Please note that the homeowner is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their installation complies with these standards and regulations.


Glass Facts

Glass - The Basics

As standard Park Farm Design products are supplied with high performance insulated units, i.e. two or three glass panes joined together with an insulated glazing cavity bar. The unit is then filled with argon gas and soft coat Low E is also added for increased efficiency. We can further improve u-values and specification if required to give even higher insulating ability, security, solar and sound control.

Safety & Security Glass

As standard Park Farm Design supply all doors and adjacent side lights with safety (toughened) glass. Safety and security glass requirements are often stipulated by building regulations and we are able to cater for all specification requirements. Toughened and laminated glass can be supplied in many thicknesses to ensure safety and protection on all sliding doors, folding sliding doors, windows, entrance doors and roof lights.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is most commonly used in bathrooms however in some circumstances the need may be larger. Excellent for still allowing light in but providing increased privacy and security, it has many uses. Obscure or sometimes referred to as sandblasted privacy glazing is the standard but we are able to offer many types and patterns to suit your requirements.

Solar control Glass

Glass in sunny or exposed locations can quickly cause discomfort, cause difficulties and even bleach furnishings. Choosing a window with solar control glass can be a good idea. We can offer solar control glass that lets in almost as much light as regular glazing but blocks out up to two-thirds of the total solar heat. This reduces the need for cooling systems and provides a more comfortable climate.

Self Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass glass makes window cleaning much easier. The special surface of the glass dissolves the dirt by sunlight. When it rains, the dirt just slides off. Sun- and rain exposed window locations might mean that you need not clean at all. For more protected window locations the glass may need to be hosed down with a hose occasionally.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glazing or sometimes referred to as noise reduction glass is also available on all our systems. This option can be specified by building control or it may also be a personal preference if you live in an urban area or simply wish to improve performance.

What Is A U-Value

In simple terms a U-value is a number which calculates just how good at thermally insulating a door or window is. The lower the U-value the more thermally efficient the product will be. U-values are expressed in units of W/m2 K, this means that for every degree different between two items (K) then the expressed value is how much energy (W) is transferred per meter squared. All Park Farm Design products are classified high performance because of their naturally enhanced engineered construction, resulting in excellent u-values.

Environmental Policy... Every Little Helps

At Park Farm Design we are committed to doing our bit to help preserve the environment. From small changes in our day to day office life to ensuring we work with the right products and sustainable resources.

Our products are manufactured in some of the most eco-friendly factories around the world. We make a conscious decision to work with manufacturers that source their timber from sustainable forests and have FSC accreditation. The techniques and methods used to produce our high-performance doors and windows are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

As well as this bigger picture we strongly believe that it is the little things that help. We carry the same eco-friendly frame of mind in our day to day office life and all correspondence and literature is sent via email. Quotations, order acknowledgements, drawings and invoices are all sent electronically with an added bonus of providing a much more efficient turn around time and fast responses. We are now well on the way to becoming a paper free office.

Timber Vs PVCu

The production of PVCu windows and doors leads to the release of highly poisonous chemicals which threaten the environment and human health. PVCu production involves no less than six of the most hazardous chemicals listed by European governments for priority elimination.

Timber is a sustainable resource. As long as the timber is sourced from managed forests and care is taken in the choice of preservatives, paints and stains, timber windows are by far the best environmental choice. Aluminium windows closely follow as a recyclable by-product.

Developments in timber door and window design and finishing means that our high-performance doors and windows need minimal maintenance and have a much longer life than PVCu alternatives.


What is a U-value?

In simple terms a U-value is a number which calculates just how good at thermally insulating a door or window is. The lower the U-value the more thermally efficient the product will be. U-values are expressed in units of W/m2 K, this means that for every degree different between two items (K) then the expressed value is how much energy (W) is transferred per meter squared.

Are your products eco-friendly?

Park Farm Design focuses on a range of products where efficiency and eco friendliness are prioritised. All timber used is sourced from sustainable forests and our products are manufactured in some of the most eco friendly factories across the world. We are recognised for providing an industry leading product range which excels on eco efficient credentials.

How do I measure for doors and windows?

Measuring for your doors is actually quite simple and because all of our products are bespoke we can manufacture to any given dimensions. When measuring for your doors and windows you must take in to account a fitting tolerance. We recommend between 6mm and 10mm per side. Alternatively Park Farm Design do offer a site survey service.  Remember we provide a comprehensive architectural CAD design package with every order.

What type of glazing do I need?

All our products are supplied with high performance glazing. At the very least these are supplied with an argon cavity and soft coat low E coating and in most cases a swiss spacer bar.Safety glass will be supplied in conjunction with current building regulations. We are able to offer many additional glass specifications such as laminated, obscure, solar control and sound control. If you are unsure what specification suits your requirements please call us to discuss.

Is condensation normal?

Condensation can occur internally, externally or within the glazing unit itself. Condensation on the outside is a good sign that the window is insulating to a high level. If condensation occurs on the inside then the humidity within that particular room is too high and the room will need ventilating. If condensation ever occurs within the glazing unit itself then the unit is most probably broken and will need replacing.

Do I need trickle vents?

Trickle vents are a practical way of ventilating a building or room. They are required by building regulations in all new builds and some renovation projects. In some cases trickle vents are not required, such as replacement windows but please double check with your local building control if you are unsure.

What about paint finishes?

As standard our products are supplied factory preserved and finished to a RAL paint colour and/or wood stain. Each range of products has a variety of standard colour finishes which are inclusive within the standard price. Ultimately there is over 250 colours to choose from.

How can I pay for my products?

At the time of order we ask for a minimum of 20% deposit, full payment of your order is then required prior to delivery unless as per the agreed credit terms. Payment via BACS transfer is the preferred method as this is the fastest and most secure transaction. We no longer accept payments over the phone or via credit card due to the transaction charges which increased costs for our customers significantly. However some credit cards will let you transfer money so please check with your provider.

How long is delivery?

Generally our product range is designed, manufactured and delivered in between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on product and specification this may increase but we will always advise during the order process. All products are delivered direct from our Scandinavian and German factories by dedicated freight services. Your goods are fully insured during transport to site.

Can I delay my order?

Park Farm Design will always endeavor to help wherever possible. Where site programs are affected we can store your products and in most cases this will be free of charge.  They will remain fully insured whilst in our care.